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About Us

AgVision Ltd was formed in March 2004, run by Husband and Wife Team Brendon & Trish Davis.

The Primary reason for forming AgVision was that we could see the need for farmers to be able to receive the information that they seemed to be struggling to receive from other corporate companies. Coming from a farming background Brendon knew the difficulties in receiving the relevant information from sources most commonly available to farmers. The idea was to supply A Total On Farm AgFeed Supplies, with on time delivery and up to date product info and research on International and Local Products.

Our Keys to Success

One of our key to success is the ability to be able to source products from more than one importer / supplier, in fact we can currently source from 5 different suppliers, which guarantees product availability when needed with the best daily pricing. We were the one’s to pioneer contracts, fixed pricing over a set period to enable farmers to have a set season price.

2nd key is the network of freight companies that put us and our products at the top of their delivery lists, with some companies that not only deliver AgVision products, they have grown with us from the start. The cartage companies have been very carefully selected in their area’s throughout the country , they are known to the farmers as locals and this builds stronger relationships for us all to reach our goals…

3rd key Research & Development, to find the best products in the market ( locally & internationally) and give advise for free. The best products for the farmers needs. We are continually trailing and working with not only or own consultant, but with all the leading consultants, to get the most out of the feeds suggested and supplied from large to small users, all over the country

And last but not least AgVision has expended time and money (a lot) back into Our company and The Industry to get the most current Hardware and Programs to enable AgVision, from a simple phone call, to give up to date Live information on Deliveries, Price, Market Updates, and Account information too

….Consistent All Year Round Supplies

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