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Ultragrow 16% & Ultragrow Elite 18% Crude Protein - Designed to meet the needs of your bull calves' & future milking herd

A quality calf ration is the second nutritional input (along with milk or milk replacer) in a successful calf rearing program.   The Ultragrow Calf Pellet Range (16% & Elite 18% protein range) signifies quality and performance and is designed to ensure that your calves develop and grow rapidly.   Poor early growth of calves is almost impossible to make up in later periods of growth.

 Ultragrow Calf Pellets have been designed to meet the specific requirements of a rapidly growing calf in the important transitional phase of rumen development.   The two tier protein system allows you to select what specification your calves need depending on their age and development stage.

In the first few weeks of life a calf has little rumen development with no fermentation occurring.   Digestion in the abomasum (or true stomach) and intestines functions like that of a monogastric animal.   For this reason a calf's diet needs to be highly digestible and balanced nutritionally, and this need is reflected in AGV's choice of quality protein and energy sources. 

For calves to develop muscle and bone rapidly, protein is essential.   As protein is absorbed through the intestinal track, it is converted into amino acids.   Amino acids are the building blocks for the calf's development, if critical amino acids are not present in the calf's diet then growth is limited.   Not all protein sources contain a balance of amino acids.   For this reason, the protein sources in Ultragrow Calf Pellets have been selected for amino acid profiles.   The two tier crude protein level system of Elite 18% (for bobby calves) and16% (for weaned calves) allows you to continue supplementation for longer, thus ensuring the best possible early growth rates for your replacement heifers.  Natural, highly digestible protein sources are included. 

To facilitate rapid growth, Ultragrow Calf Pellets contain Rumensin/Bovatec, which improves the efficiency of feed conversion, minimises bloat and acts in maintaining a uniform consumption rate.   Rumensin/Bovatec also aids in prevention of Coccidiosis, a common calf disease.    

It is essential that the calf's rumen develops as rapidly as possible.   A calf should be introduced to new feed slowly, over a number of days, as with cows there should be no sudden dietary changes.   Don't wean calves and cut out meal all at the same time, meal should be continued for at least a month after weaning from milk. Always ensure fresh water and hay are available at all times during the rearing process. 

Ultragrow Calf Pellets are formulated to provide correct calcium, phosphorus and trace mineral levels, plus Vitamin A, D3 & E.

With AgVision's commitment to quality and to products that perform, the results are a premium calf ration.  

     Product             % CP    MJME/kg      %NDF      %UDP       %Ca     %Mg
Ultragrow 16%         16           12.0             21             2.5           1.6        0.25 Ultragrow 18%         18           12.1            20.8           4.5           1.5        0.25    YEA-SACC
Specifications on DM basis 


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