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Wheat Bran

A light coloured, well constructed highly palatable pellet with typical wheaten odours.
Mill mix, also known as Wheat Bran, is a by-product of the flour milling industry that is used as livestock feed. It consists of the bran, aleurone, germ and pollard fractions.

Below is a diagram illustrating the composition of Mill Mix Pellets

(Starch gluten)
Seed Castings
(Bran & Aleurone)
Table Flour Feed Flour

Features and benefits:

  • Mill Mix Pellets are a source of starch and sugars for ruminant animals, the carbohydrates that are needed in the push for production gains.
  • The starch in Mill Mix Pellets is converted to propionic acid in the rumen (a volatile fatty acid) which supplied the rumen with energy and act to promote fat reposition (fattening).
  • Is the multi-purpose base feed which, when fed strategically, can achieve maintenance, growth and lactation.
  • Mill Mix Pellets are readily available, and the most common by-product of flour manufacturing that is available for livestock feeds.

Feeding recommendations:

While valuable to production in ruminants, all sources of carbohydrate must be fed with care and in conjunction with a balanced ration.
It is recommended that Mill Mix Pellets be introduced into the diet gradually over a two week period.
Recommended feeding rate for cattle is 0.5 – 1.0 Kg per day.
Mill Mix Pellets are suitable for silo and in-shed systems. They can be used in any weatherproof environment, but are vulnerable to moisture so must be kept dry.


Like all feedstuffs, Mill Mix Pellets should be stored dry, in bulk bins or placed on cement slabs (away from vermin and covered and protected from the weather accordingly).

Typical Analysis (DM Basis):

Dry Matter 89 %
Crude Protein 16-19 %
Crude Fibre 9 %
Neutral Detergent Fibre 35 %
Acid Detergent Fibre 11 %
Crude Fat 5 %
Starch 20 %
Soluble Sugars 6 %
Metabolisable Energy 11.8 mj/kgm

Protein and Energy:

Mill Mix Pellets range in protein from 16 – 19 percent typically.
Mill Mix Pellets provides reasonable levels of metabolisable energy for ruminants at around 11.8 mj/Kgm.


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